Hundreds of apps have been developed to help fitness fanatics and beginners alike improve their daily health and fitness. We found 5 of our favorite apps that boost our overall health in and out of the gym and would love to share them with you!


Looking to track the details of your workout AND share your progress with other fitness buffs? With Fitocracy, you can add specific exercises, create routines, and socialize with other fitness fanatics.

Easily select exercises or create your own to add to your workout. Keep track of how much weight you use or how many reps you do each time to see your progress. You can even read tips and add notes to any of the exercises.

CrossFitters or anyone who finds motivation from sharing workouts with others and competing will love this app!


If you want to tone certain areas of the body, you’ll appreciate iMuscle! With a reference guide of over 450 stretches and exercises, iMuscle provides you with a wide variety of options to focus on a muscle group ranging from barbell exercises to yoga positions.

Identify the body part you would like to work on, find relevant exercises, and see them demonstrated. You can also zoom in to view muscles realistically in 3D and rotate them 360 degrees. Create custom workouts, add multiple users, and read tips and hints for each exercise.

iMuscle allows you to find the perfect exercise or routine for a specific area of your body. Use iMuscle to learn new exercises with and without equipment, manage your workouts, and learn more about muscle training! 

GymPact-AppGym Pact

Love gambling and need more motivation to hit the gym? For anyone who is serious about getting fit, GymPact allows you to wager on yourself and earn money when you keep up with your own commitment!

Decide how many days a week you want to exercise – 1 day minimum – and determine the monetary stakes if you don’t meet your pledge. You can set the app to go on ‘break’ if you know you won’t be working out for a period of time. You can check into any gym in the U.S. – GPS verified – and can easily add your gym if it is not found in the database. If you have Runkeeper, you can connect the two services. GymPact Anywhere allows you to workout at home or at home!

If you’re looking to get fit and have a ‘no excuses’ attitude, GymPact can put your money where your workout is and motivate you into shape!


MyFitnessPal makes it easy to monitor your calories and exercise habits all in one online or smartphone app!

One of the more well-known apps, MyFitnessPal has the upper hand on the rest. When you create customized profile, you enter your age, gender, and activity level and specify how much weight you would like to lose. MyFitnessPal takes everything on your profile into consideration, sets a healthy time frame to achieve your goal, and suggests the number of daily calories you should intake.

Much more than a basic calorie counter, you can use MyFitnessPal with every sort of diet to keep track of your daily nutritional stats and maintain a balanced, healthy diet. 

lose_it_appLose It!

Set a daily calorie budget, keep track of your calories and exercises, and upload customized meals and workouts with Lose It! to get into a routine of healthy eating and activity that will allow you to lose a healthy amount of weight.

While you need to keep an active lifestyle to lose weight, a healthy diet begins in the kitchen! Lose It! calculates the calories for everything you eat throughout the day and the calories burned for physical activity. At the end of the day, it tells you if you burned more calories than you consumed and vice versa. The nutrient tracker breaks down the amount of carbohydrates, protein, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugars, and fiber consumed for each meal. You can also integrate the app into other fitness apps and your social media.

If you want to focus on losing weight, Lose It! can help you keep track of your daily intake and outtake of calories to help you lose weight and determine where you need to balance your diet.


sleep_cycleSleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is the best alarm clock you can install on your phone!

An advanced alarm clock, Sleep Cycle determines your sleep cycle by monitoring the movement you make throughout the night. It analyzes your sleep cycles to determine the best time to wake you up in the morning to allow you to wake up feeling the most relaxed and rested possible. You set your desired wake up time and then a gentle alarm wakes you up within that 30 minute window. You can view your hour-by-hour data any time and see when you slept the best (or the worst) and make notes to explain any unusual sleep patterns. 

Not only does Sleep Cycle help you wake up feeling refreshed, it beats your standard, obnoxious alarm clock!

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