It’s difficult to wake up early, especially after a short night’s sleep. However, there are a lot of reasons why working out in the mornings are much more beneficial to you than an afternoon or evening workout. Here are 7 reasons you should start working out in the mornings:

1. You’ll Be Less Stressed
– You won’t have “I must go to the gym today” hanging over your head all day while you’re at work.

2. Metabolism Boost
– Studies show that working out in the mornings gives you a metabolism boost and you will be burning more calories during the day than you would have if you waited to exercise until later.

3. Energy Boost
– After working out in the mornings, you will feel more upbeat and have more energy to accomplish that day’s tasks.

4. Confidence Boost
– You’ll feel accomplished after going to the gym in the morning, which will continue throughout the day and you’ll feel more confident.

5. Glowing Skin
– After a good sweaty workout in the morning and a shower, you’ll be left with a natural glow.

6. Free Up Your Schedule
– If you finish your workout at the beginning of the day, it frees up your afternoon and evenings. You won’t feel bad for bailing on the gym or having to cancel plans with friends. You can get a great workout in and go to happy hour!

7. Healthy Morning = Healthy Day
– After a morning workout, you’ll set the precedent for the rest of the day to continue being healthy. You’ll probably stray away from junk food and want to refuel with healthy options. Healthy post workout snacks can also help give you an energy boost and replenish your tired muscles!

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