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09 May 2013

My Experience with Yoga at Core Fitness

by boss Group Exercise, Membership, Testimonials, Yoga 0 Comments

In college, I attended at least two yoga or pilates (without machines) classes a week. They focused less on the spiritual aspect and more on pushing and stretching your body. The two classes I’ve tried at Core Fitness in Myrtle Beach seemed to line up more with what I had experienced. The Instructor Chris Colone […]

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23 Apr 2013

I just joined Core Fitness!

by boss Membership 0 Comments

This is my first time belonging to a gym, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would I embarrass myself in front of all the fit, beautiful people? Would I be the star of the next video of a woman tripping on a treadmill? Fortunately, the staff at Core Fitness assured me neither would […]

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08 Mar 2013

Find Yourself through Strengthening and Toning at Core Fitness

by boss News/ Press, Video 0 Comments

Strengthen your core with deep stretching and toning. Relieve stress by concentrating on solitary growth and strength. Connect with others through group fitness classes. Push yourself to your limits with high intensity challenges. Revolutionize your mental health, physical shape, and overall lifestyle with the classes, equipment, and training Core Fitness provides to help you reach […]

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21 Feb 2013

Introducing the CrossFit Program at Core Fitness!

by boss Crossfit, Group Exercise 0 Comments

What is CrossFit? CrossFit encourages its followers to improve their overall physical health by strengthening and conditioning their bodies. Workouts vary in intensity and weight adapting to each person’s level of fitness as to not exclude anyone from a particular exercise. By including a various types of exercises quickly and intensely, you can train multiple […]

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07 Feb 2013

Five Signs of a Healthy Gym

by boss Fitness Tips 0 Comments

Health and Fitness Focused Environment While this seems to be common sense, not all gyms strive to gain clients by creating a space that encourages a healthy lifestyle and satisfying workout. A developing trend in new gyms concentrates on acquiring new foot traffic by any means necessary – even to the point of offering pizza […]

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05 Nov 2012

Don’t Let Thanksgiving Gobble You Up: Core Fitness’ Tips For Healthy Holidays

by boss Fitness Tips, Nutrition, Weight Loss 0 Comments

It’s funny how giving thanks has become synonymous with gluttonous indulgence and consequent self-loathing. In its purest form, Thanksgiving, a thoroughly American holiday, was conceived as a way to share your plenty with others and celebrate prosperity and the good fortune that has befallen you throughout the year. It was never intended to be a […]

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08 Oct 2012

Getting Schooled at Core Fitness of Myrtle Beach

by boss Fitness Tips 0 Comments

Fall is the perfect time to consider getting in shape. The kids are back in school, and routines are tightening up. Shouldn’t you be, too? Developing a comprehensive fitness routine before the holidays is a great way to ensure you won’t be packing on extra pounds in the cool months. So take a cue from […]

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22 Jun 2012

Core Fitness Airing New T.V. Ad

by boss News/ Press 0 Comments

Core Fitness of Myrtle Beach is airing a new spot on WPDE T.V. starting this week. The ad highlights our focus on functional fitness, showing our already satisfied customers in various attitudes of butt-kicking. You’ll see previews of TRX equipment in use, helping to improve a member’s golf swing. You’ll also have a mini visual […]

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04 Jun 2012

Core Fitness Club featured on WPDE Myrtle Beach News Channel 15

by boss News/ Press 0 Comments

Core Fitness was recently featured on Carolina and Co., a live show airing on Myrtle Beach News Channel 15. Cecil Chandler and Amanda Kinseth led an interview with owners Bill and Judy Langfitt, helping to distill the essence of what Core Fitness is all about. Referring to their “grass roots approach,” Bill mentioned a focus […]

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08 May 2012

Core Fitness 843 Home & LifeStyle Magazine Ad

by boss News/ Press 0 Comments

You can hear more positive feedback about what we do in the latest edition of 843 Home & Lifestyle Magazine. Check out our ad alongside Natalie Martinez’s great piece on pre-wedding fitness in the Healthy Life section on pages 12-13.

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