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13 Apr 2012

Fresh and Fun Myrtle Beach Workouts

by boss Fitness Tips, Group Exercise, Spinning 0 Comments

Even the fittest among us will occasionally notice himself becoming bored with his workout. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau where you’re no longer getting the results you want, or maybe you’re maintaining but you’re in a rut. Fitness routines–even if they worked at one time–can become just that: routine. Like drinking that same bland cup […]

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10 Apr 2012

Myrtle Beachers Take Vacations, Too…

by boss Fitness Tips, Nutrition 0 Comments

We’re about to hit high season in Myrtle Beach: summer’s just a heavy sigh away and with it comes a swell of visitors from around the globe. With so many people in Myrtle Beach, people tend to forget that those of us who live here would maybe like to get, um, OUT of Myrtle Beach. […]

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06 Apr 2012

Getting Beach-Ready with Core Fitness

by boss General News, Weight Loss 0 Comments

It’s a cliche for a reason. Getting in shape for beach season is a top priority for thousands–nay, millions–of people young and old. If you’re actually going to be seen ON the beach in Myrtle Beach, there might be a few things you want to do before you expose even the half-monty. At the very […]

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05 Apr 2012

TRX Suspension Training System ~ A Body Breakthrough Is Waiting For You

by boss TRX Suspension Training 0 Comments

Core Fitness is excited to bring you the scoop on TRX Suspension Training. This workout method makes a great companion to traditional weight training or Pilates, and has a staggering amount of applications. We were one of the first gyms to offer TRX Suspension Training classes in the Myrtle Beach area and our clients have […]

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19 Mar 2012

Why Pilates & Golf Fit Like A Hand-In-Glove

by boss Golf Fitness, Pilates 0 Comments

Fall in Myrtle Beach means a few things. Golf, lighter traffic, vacationing golfers, opening windows & turning off the A/C, and did I mention folks playing more golf? With over 100 golf courses in Myrtle Beach, it’s easy to see the attraction. A unique sport that draws all ages, golf is praised for its mental […]

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