Summer is racing around the corner in Myrtle Beach and that can mean the anxiety associated with bathing suit season is just as close. With seemingly endless new fads and “get-slim-quick” gimmicks, how do you distinguish between the hype and health?

At Core Fitness, we’ve done the dirty work for you, weeding through the myths and misconceptions to help you get fit for beach season – the healthy way.

Back to the Basics
As enticing as the promise of a perfect body in mere days can be, it’s important to remember that the tried and true methods for weight loss include the basic principles we’ve heard all along: regular exercise (including cardio and weights) and a healthy, balanced diet.

Food: an Ally Not an Enemy
To achieve your weight loss goals, you may need to do some remodeling on how you view food. The past decade has seen a wide array of diet trends come and go; fortunately, some legitimate health advice has emerged as well.

Don’t overlook the importance of protein as a natural energy source!

Try introducing “superfoods” into your regular diet by adding flax seeds to your smoothie or oatmeal.

Don’t skip meals or consider starvation a weight loss tool. If you have an event coming up that you’d like to be in certain shape for, set attainable goals and provide yourself a reasonable amount of time to reach them. Skipping meals or starving oneself is usually a symptom of bad planning or desperation to shed pounds quickly.

Remember Skinny DOES NOT Equal Healthy
Fitness goals you can achieve and maintain are those that boast gradual weight loss and a steady exercise regime. Exerting yourself to the point of total exhaustion on Day 1 is only going to make Day 2 miserable and make your goals less likely to stick when you burn out. Find a progression that works for your lifestyle and habits and work hard to focus on your own goals. Remember, your heart is a better indicator of your health than your pant size.

Resist the temptation to Compare. You are uniquely you and just like no one else in the world has your distinct fingerprint. No one else will lose weight or approach a fitness regime the exact same way. You may notice a physical difference quicker than the person next to you and vice versa. As long as you focus on a healthy goal, you WILL see results.

At Core Fitness, we have professional trainers that can customize a program as unique as you! Meet with a nutrition specialist to discuss your goals and address eating habits or ask one of our trainers for advice right on the floor. Need more hands-on attention? Schedule a personal trainer for some one-on-one motivation. We also offer Pilates, CrossFit, and spinning classes.

Regardless of your starting point, we can help you meet your goal of a happier and healthier you!