Fall in Myrtle Beach means a few things. Golf, lighter traffic, vacationing golfers, opening windows & turning off the A/C, and did I mention folks playing more golf? With over 100 golf courses in Myrtle Beach, it’s easy to see the attraction.

A unique sport that draws all ages, golf is praised for its mental & physical challenges. It demands focus, strength & control. The player’s ability to concentrate & execute precise movements is crucial. So is awareness & breath control. Sound familiar? That’s because these are also all principles of the Pilates Method.

What Do The Pros Know?

If you’ve ever had a golf pro “analyze your swing”, you may know what I’m talking about. Golf pros are trained to break down a golf swing into separate motions. From starting stance to follow through, there are scores of individual movements that complete the swing. The slightest error in any of these motions can result in a poor swing.

To correct a player’s swing, a pro will address the individual motions. Player’s may be told to “open their stance”, or “square their club face”. Adjustments are made in the hips, shoulders, elbows, etc. There are plenty of tips addressing individual golf swing problems. But there’s rarely any talk about our body’s core, and what role it plays. But what does our core have to do with our score?

The Stronger Your Core, The Lower Your Score

Since Golf & Pilates share similar principles, many golfers adapt naturally to Pilates Method. So where does Pilates differ from what the golf pro teaches? The answer is: core strength. More than a buzzword, core strength is the philosophy which drives Pilates. A certified trainer works with you to develop hyper-awareness of your body. Focusing on this mental aspect of a workout has a few key benefits:

  • Improved breath control = improved blood flow
  • Better awareness of where your body’s weaknesses are
  • Gaining the ability to ‘tune out’ distractions & focus on execution

A Pilates workout is effective because it begins with mental preparation. This is what allows us to do the exercises properly. Just as a good golf swing must begin with concentration, a good Pilates workout must begin with a determined & focused mind. The simpatico that exists between Pilates & Golf becomes more apparent as we work on exercises designed for the golfer.

To Prepare Is To Prevent

Earlier this year, we talked about how Pilates can help prevent & rehabilitate injuries. A golf swing is a series of repeated motions. Repetition isn’t a bad thing, but in some cases can lead to injury over time. Especially if the repeated motion is done incorrectly. The corrective elements of Pilates ~ on our posture, our motions & on our breathing ~ not only improves performance. They also help prevent future injury. We’re not meant to struggle against our bodies, after all! Some common injuries & ailments golfers suffer, that Pilates can help correct & prevent:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Tendinitis
  • Shoulder Joint & Girdle Discomfort
  • Hip Instability

Why Wait?

Pilates offers the golfer so many benefits, it’s tough to count them all! Certainly, improving performance is near the top of the list. The shared principles between golf & Pilates make them a natural fit. Golfers of all ages & skill level can benefit. Core Fitness & It’s A Core Thing, Myrtle Beach’s premier Pilates studio, is ready to show you how. Fore!