It’s a cliche for a reason. Getting in shape for beach season is a top priority for thousands–nay, millions–of people young and old. If you’re actually going to be seen ON the beach in Myrtle Beach, there might be a few things you want to do before you expose even the half-monty. At the very least, you probably want to be in shape so you can swim, play volleyball and take those token long walks in the sand with your paramour without getting winded.

Here’s an example of a unique personal goal we can help you achieve: say you want to run down the beach, Chariots of Fire-style, to impress the ladies before hopping onto a skim board, coasting over to a Hobie Cat and riding a shark out into the sunset without slipping off. That’s going to take endurance, agility, and most of all, core strength. We’ve got that covered.

Start by doing a little weight training in our state-of-the-art gym. You’ll want to minimize any unflattering jiggle left over from the throes of winter indulgence. When you hit the weights three times a week for up to eight weeks, it could make a significant difference in the way you look taking that jog by the glistening water.

Of course we have traditional cardio options to help you shed a few pounds. Spinning is one of our most popular classes, and if you start with a conservative goal–like one pound a week–you could be filling out that suit the way it was meant to be worn in just enough time for high season summer in Myrtle Beach.

Next, you may want to consider some Zumba to help you with your freestyle moves. Nothing looks as good as feeling good, and our group classes get you feeling empowered and motivated while helping you shed that unsightly self-consciousness. Frankly, you have a right to be confident no matter how you look. Now go get that shark!

TRX Suspension Training is one of the newer options in our Myrtle Beach facility. Pitting you against your own bodyweight in a series of innovative exercises will help strengthen those spinal muscles for powerful rotational movement, letting you lasso any shark no matter how slippery.

Now if all you really want to do is forget this ridiculous running/skimming/sharkriding daydream of yours and find a little balance and focus, check out our Pilates training in the It’s a Core Thing Pilates studio, located inside the Core Fitness facilities. You can get a total body workout that’s all about you. You’ll wind up looking and feeling great both inside and out.

No matter what your fitness goals are, Core Fitness of Myrtle Beach has a program that’s just right for you. Drop in today and find out just what a membership buys. After all, as the ever beach-ready fitness guru Tom Venuto says, “you can either make excuses or get results, but you can’t do both!”