Core Fitness was recently featured on Carolina and Co., a live show airing on Myrtle Beach News Channel 15. Cecil Chandler and Amanda Kinseth led an interview with owners Bill and Judy Langfitt, helping to distill the essence of what Core Fitness is all about.

Referring to their “grass roots approach,” Bill mentioned a focus on “functional fitness” within the gym setting. All of the equipment in the gym is designed to help a human body do the daily activities it most relies upon. As Judy went on to say, the Hammer Strength equipment featured at Core Fitness is ground-based, allowing the user to get more of a workout by using the total body rather than sitting or reclining on a bench. Equipment, workouts and classes offered at the gym are all focused on building a strong core through complete rotational movements, much like those we would use to pick up after our children, grab something off a shelf or even play a sport. Of course, this approach of cultivating the core inspired the name of the gym.

During the interview Bill and Judy were quick to point out that Core Fitness Club does not assume members already know how to work out. Their goal is to get clients where they need to be. In line with that, Core Fitness offers more classes than any other gym in Myrtle Beach, with different offerings going on constantly throughout the week. Trainers are on staff to help gym members use the equipment properly, as well as use their bodies properly during any of the free classes available with membership. The Langfitts, a husband and wife team dedicated to health and fitness, want to imbue their gym with the same feeling of family and familiarity they bring to their own efforts–in work and in life. Because of that, they are committed to keeping a friendly and helpful staff that serves as the strongest part of their own “core.”

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