Fall is the perfect time to consider getting in shape. The kids are back in school, and routines are tightening up. Shouldn’t you be, too? Developing a comprehensive fitness routine before the holidays is a great way to ensure you won’t be packing on extra pounds in the cool months. So take a cue from the kiddies and think about learning a new skill this fall. You can follow a few simple steps to help yourself stay on task.

Give yourself homework: Choose an activity and set a time for it, remembering to keep your goals attainable. Adding fitness to your daily routine is a lifestyle change, and it should be treated accordingly. Don’t do anything you can’t or won’t be able to keep up with. Try adding a class where you’ll meet others that help keep you motivated.

Pick the right major: Anything you do should be something you know you’ll enjoy, and that will help you in day-to-day life. Hate jogging? Don’t punish yourself. There are a ton of things you can try that will give you the same benefit and that you won’t resent showing up for. Maybe Zumba, Yoga, or Core Pilates are more your speed. Of course it is called a “workout” for a reason. You’ll be pushing yourself. But you don’t want to do it if the goal isn’t one you’re eager to attain.

Timing is everything: Make sure to schedule workouts at a time that’s convenient for you, and not one that you’re going to blow off every day. Bearing in mind that the days are shorter, you’ll want to decide whether you work best in the morning or evening. Once you’ve done that, simply follow through without creating excuses. Otherwise, you’re sure to get a failing grade.

Wait for your report card: Research shows that any lifestyle change takes up to four weeks to become habit. Don’t drop your class before you’ve had a chance to make any significant sign of improvement. You won’t know how well you can do unless you give things some time. There are rewards for being the class’s “most improved.”

Core Fitness of Myrtle Beach is a great place to put some of your new study habits into play. We have a dedicated staff of trainers and instructors who are there to help facilitate your personal development, guiding you through everything from 101 classes on up to the graduate level. Our only goal is to prepare you for the life you want to lead, giving you skill through functional fitness. We focus on workouts and equipment that do more than just tone your body. Here, you’ll be conditioned to take what you’ve learned into the real world. Warning: there are no crip courses at Core.