What is CrossFit?

CrossFit encourages its followers to improve their overall physical health by strengthening and conditioning their bodies. Workouts vary in intensity and weight adapting to each person’s level of fitness as to not exclude anyone from a particular exercise. By including a various types of exercises quickly and intensely, you can train multiple areas of your body without restricting to one type of exercise. Though police academies, military units, and professional athletes use this program as their principal regime, CrossFit scales to fit any committed individual on any and every level of physical condition.

CrossFit as a Business

CrossFit, as a whole, has as unconventional of a business plan as their method of exercising. They began as an internet-based grassroots movement by CrossFitters who cared more about function than working out in an aesthetically pleasing building. Never a franchise, the CrossFit movement is based on varied, intense, and functional exercise assembled in any and every available location: big-box franchises, small-box facilities, public parks, garages, universities, and any other environment managed by certified trainers. Becoming a CrossFit affiliate requires certification, a legitimate business license, annual fees, continuous education, and involvement in the larger CrossFit community.

How CrossFit Stands Out

CrossFit members train for performance with exercises focused on consistent, varied movements performed quickly and intensely. Based on “evidence-based fitness,” the program relies on safe, efficient workouts repeated producing noticeable results on every level of experience. Rather than focusing on just one area of the body at the time, these workouts spread the attention over multiple regions.

One of the more significant characteristics of CrossFit is the sense of community both in classrooms and online. The CrossFit website posts their Workout of the Day (WOD) that are integrated in the classroom with training in new movement. Members can post the results of their efforts in the online community. The group environment encourages and pushes in a positive way rather than forcing competition and generating negativity. You compete with yourself and can look to your fellow members to push you those last few minutes.


What are the Health Benefits of CrossFit?

Committing to CrossFit will increase cardiovascular endurance, strength, weight loss, and muscle gain. Quickly pumping out reps, one of the common techniques of CrossFit, stimulates the heart to work harder and faster optimizing fitness and increasing cardiovascular endurance with each workout. Constantly changing workouts – squat jumps, sprints, burpees, kettlebell swings, etc. – challenges different muscles and extends the workout to as many muscles as possible. Full body movements also build functional strength rather than just show muscles. CrossFit can work great as a complement to other workouts, especially for athletes, and can stand alone.

Begin Your CrossFit Adventure!

Before you jump into the CrossFit community, ensure you’ve found a fitness center with experienced trainers dedicated to educating members on correct form and safe techniques.

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