This is my first time belonging to a gym, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Would I embarrass myself in front of all the fit, beautiful people? Would I be the star of the next video of a woman tripping on a treadmill? Fortunately, the staff at Core Fitness assured me neither would happen.

After Registering

When I registered, they schedule an orientation for me with one of their experienced trainers. The trainer assigned to me, Ashton, sent me a text a couple hours later confirming our orientation for the following day. When I had to reschedule for later in the day, she was very flexible and responded quickly.

For orientation, Ashton showed me around the facility pointing out the Aerobics, Spinning, and Pilates rooms, the CrossFit area – intense! – and cardio equipment. She walked me through each piece of equipment and gave me tips on how to use the equipment safely and efficiently. Since I was really only familiar with the treadmill, I appreciated the information as some of the equipment looked like you had to hang upside down to use.

Choosing My Membership

I decided on the Classic membership tier, because I knew I wanted to try all the different classes they have and attend the ones I was already familiar with – Yoga and Pilates. I could also use the cardio equipment and weights any time I wanted. They do have discounts for students, military, and spouses. Unfortunately, I don’t fall into any of those categories at the moment.

Group Exercise

I love group exercise classes. In yoga classes, I can compare my form to the instructor’s and make sure I’m practicing correctly. In Zumba, I can stay with the other women who also can’t dance, so I’m not embarrassed. I really enjoy Pilates and plan on signing up with the owner, Judy Langfitt, to learn the equipment before jumping into the classes, which is required anyway.

The amount and variety of classes impressed me and a few of them stood out as something I would really enjoy. They have everything from Kickboxing to SpinXTrain (combo of Spinning and tabata stations) to TRX. I could see myself trying at least one different class a month.

You can sign up for any of the classes online or by calling into the registration desk. Ashton explained that joining most of the classes last minute is usually fine, but Spinning and TRX have a limited amount of equipment. So sign up beforehand to make sure you have a spot!

Personal Trainer

Their staff consists of an amazing array of professionals including the owners, Judy and Bill Langfitt. In addition to starting and building a fitness studio, she also has her Pilates and TRX certification while Bill is TRX certified and has a strong background in Sport Specific training.

Many on staff have bachelors degrees in the health/fitness field and everyone has quite a collection of certifications like TRX, Personal Training, Pilates, and CrossFit.

Personal Opinion

As someone who was very athletic in high school and seems to have less and less time for fitness, I really appreciated how welcoming and helpful the staff was and the number of membership and class options. It seems like this gym can accommodate anyone regardless of their current fitness level and schedule. For me, I can make most of the 9:30 classes and workout early in the morning or in the middle of the day depending on my ever-changing daily schedule.

I’m looking forward to using the cardio equipment at least a couple times a week, attending my favorite classes, and maybe trying one different class a month. Come join me! Just promise to look away while I get my Zumba on.

*Psst! They have a 3 Day Trial Pass for first timers!