1. Beet it Up

Are you a cyclist looking for that extra boost? One University of Exeter study has shown that beetroot juice helped cyclists finish 3% faster in 2.5 and 10 mile trials! For better muscle and cardio performance make sure you drink a smoothie with some of those dark red bulbs 2 to 3 hours before your next workout.

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2. Be a Green Machine

A lot of people are jumping on the green juice bandwagon, but not too many really understand why they’re doing it. Green, leafy vegetables help boost your magnesium levels, which many people (especially men) don’t get enough of in their typical diets. Magnesium will activate enzymes that put your energy production into overdrive, while keeping your nervous system and muscles in tip-top condition!


3.  Vitamin “See, I Told You So!”

Everyone knows they should be drinking more Vitamin C, but did you know it doesn’t have to come from fruit? These days, if you can’ t get your hands on some fresh oranges, you can seek out a supplement, like the Advocare Vitamin C boosters that we offer at our Core Fitness smoothie bar. Don’t skimp on Vitamin C! It’s an important one; so however you end up getting it, make sure you go overboard!


4.  Cherry Good For You

Cherries are good for more than just cocktail toppers; these little red power-bombs can really help you pack a punch during your next workout!  Make sure you’re throwing the sour tart variety (known as Montmorency cherries) into your next exercise smoothie for what research has proven to be a great way to prevent muscle fatigue and damage.


5.  Nutty for Coconut

The pure salts, vitamins, and sugars in coconut water will give you an energy boost without the crash. Freeze some as ice cubes and throw those into the blender with the rest of your favorite ingredients for your next explosive fitness juice!

Love these recipes? We’ve got more where that came from! Stop into Core Fitness’s juice bar next time you’re in the neighborhood, and we’ll give you a crash course on what to throw into your (or our) blender the next time you’re looking to prep for a killer workout!